Everything you need to know about calling Nigeria!

How does it work?

Pretty simple:

  1. Install our app or get it here if not yet installed: www.plouder.com/get
  2. Test us using your free 2 minutes test-call. It’s free of any charge to any destination worldwide. Just dial as usual with your Android phone. The app automatically recognizes every foreign call and routes it using Plouder. You’ll see a short notification at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Happy with the call and it’s quality? Reload your account free of any charge. Just scroll down this page.

Did you know that Plouder is not using VoIP? It’s real telephony with perfect calling quality. And the best thing is: the call does not affect your data plan at all!


Where do I get help?

You can either chat with us (see the bottom right corner located chat badge), write us an email to calls@plouder.com or text to +41763332039.

How much does it cost to Nigeria?

Pay-as-you-go rate to Nigeria

Currently the rate for calling Nigeria is CHF 0.09 per minute (US $ 0.09, CA $ 0.11, £ 0.07). We do not charge any call setup fee. We also have no other hidden costs.

How many minutes I get for my money?

  • For US $ 1 you can call 11 minutes to any network in Nigeria.
  • For CA $ 1 you can call 9 minutes to any network in Nigeria.
  • For £ 1 you can call 14 minutes to any network in Nigeria.


How can I refill my account or buy savings-packages to Nigeria?

Check out our refill products right below this line.

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Redeem a voucher

Redeem a voucher without checkout

Buy calling credits

  • CHF 5.-
  • (approx. EUR 4.70 / USD 4.99)
  • You get CHF 5 .- call credits
  • CHF 10.-
  • (approx. EUR 9.39 / USD 9.97)
  • You get CHF 10 .- call credits
  • CHF 25.-
  • (approx. EUR 23.49 / USD 24.93)
  • You get CHF 25 .- call credits
  • CHF 50.-
  • (approx. EUR 46.97 / USD 49.87)
  • You get CHF 50 .- call credits
  • CHF 75.-
  • (approx. EUR 70.46 / USD 74.80)
  • You get CHF 75 .- call credits
  • CHF 100.-
  • (approx. EUR 93.94 / USD 99.73)
  • You get CHF 100 .- call credits
  • CHF 200.-
  • (approx. EUR 187.88 / USD 199.46)
  • You get CHF 200 .- call credits

As a Switzerland-based company we charge in Swiss francs (CHF).

The approximate exchange rates for EUR and USD are shown below the CHF price. More exchange rates.

The exchange rate used by your credit card company may differ.