Plouder App – we are revolutionizing international calling.

Top quality

Plouder is better than any service you know. With Plouder, you can talk with Uncle Muhagma in the Congo, but it feels like he’s next door.

Incredibly low

Plouder is cheaper than any service you know. Using the app’s rate finder or under Rates & Countries, you can see how long you can telephone Auntie Uttara in India for just a few cents.

Really convenient

Plouder is simpler than the services you know. You need nothing apart from the app. Top up with some credit and away you go – using the contacts in your address book.
Android App

Android App

The Android app is waiting for you. Download it, and comfortably make all your international calls at last.

Android App

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iPhone App

iPhone App

Download the brand new iPhone app and enjoy chatting with your friends in distant countries for as long as never before!

iPhone App

Worth knowing.

Countries & Rates

In the app for Android and iPhone you can use the Rate Finder, to see immediately how much a call with your girlfriend in Australia costs. You can also find this information on the web under Rates & Countries.


Our idea surprised even us. It’s not unusual if you still have a few unanswered questions. That’s why we put together some of the answers to your most important questions on our FAQ page.

Terms and Conditions

You’ve read the FAQ and now want to know more details? Then you sound like the kind of person who’d like to read our terms and conditions. We are just glad that someone wants to read them – thanks!