I do not get connected

If you do not get connected upon calling that can have two reasons:

  • You hide your caller ID. Enable showing your caller ID to the called person. If you don’t like to show your number to the callee contact us please: calls@plouder.com
  • The number (SIM) you use for your call is not the same as the number (SIM) you’ve registered with Plouder. We can enable your account to show another number to the callee than the number you are using Plouder with. In this case fill in the form below:

* Your email:

* Your 10 digits Plouder account number:

* The telephonenumber (international format) you've registered with Plouder:

* The telephonenumber (international format) you want to show the callee:

In the next few hours you'll receive an email and a text message to each of both numbers. Wait for the instructions sent by email and follow them step by step.

Why do I need plouder?

With the Plouder app for Android or iPhone, you can call faraway foreign countries at unbelievably low rates from your smartphone, with the best call quality. Since we are cheaper and more transparent than the large providers (we display the costs for each call), we already have many lucky Plouder customers, and we are gaining new customers every day.

Here are a few important points, to help you find out whether we can make your life better with Plouder:

  • Quality
    We offer real telephone quality. Your uncle can be sitting in Timbuktu, but it sounds as if he were right around the corner. Skype users cannot stop being astounded by this quality!
  • Foreign Calls
    You can use Plouder only to call abroad. Domestic calls will be identified by Plouder, and will be transmitted via your normal provider contract.
  • Landlines
    You can use Plouder only with a smartphone with either Android or iOS (iPhone). You cannot make Plouder calls from landlines.
  • Rates and Countries
    You can find all details and rates on our Webpage created for just this purpose: “Rates & Countries”. We have low-cost calling to all countries, but you will achieve the biggest savings when you call countries outside of zone 1. Zone 1 countries include all EU countries and the USA.
  • Fairness and Transparency
    We are also subscribers ourselves, and hidden costs drive us crazy too. That’s why we don’t have any of those hidden costs. We display for you for each call how long it lasted, and how much it cost. We charge per minute, and we do not charge call initialization or termination fees.
    We also take your concerns very seriously, and are happy to hear from you if you would like to tell us something or suggest something.
  • Budget Friendly
    You don’t have to subscribe to our service, you never have to give us notice to cancel, and you can charge to your Plouder account very carefully. The smallest charge amount is CHF 5, and this is all that’s needed to get you going! Of course, you can set the amount as you wish. The Android and iPhone apps are also free!
  • Settlement
    This happens all within the app. You can use, depending on the app (this feature is not totally the same on Android and iPhone), credit card, Google Wallet, or an in-app purchase to charge your call credit.

And now you need only get your App:

Android App iPhone App

Is Plouder better than Skype, etc.?

Naturally, Plouder is simply a joy to use! And not just because of the unbelievable prices.

Plouder chats are not transmitted over the Internet, but are transmitted directly over the mobile network instead. When you are, for example a Swisscom customer, then you automatically have Swisscom quality, but at Plouder prices! Doesn’t that make an hour or two on Plouder sound just simply attractive?

Can I rely on Plouder?

You can rely on Plouder, because you always know that you are calling with Plouder. The situation is not exactly the same for Android and iPhone:

The app runs in the background once you have started it. If it crashes for any reason, it is restarted upon your next call, due to a technical trick (broadcast receiver).

In this way, we are better than any airline – we are truly crash-proof!

On the iPhone, you have to make calls from our app. Therefore, the app is running anyway when you need it.
The difference with the Android app has less to do with technical hurdles, and more to do with Apple guidelines.
What does the app cost?

Well, everything is a little more expensive with Apple… no that’s a joke; both apps, the Android and the iPhone app, are free!

But you do definitely need some call credits to chat (ploudern*). You can charge these directly from within the app. This feature doesn’t work exactly the same in iOS and in Android, and therefore, we have described the details on the pages for the Android app and the pages for the iPhone app.

* Ploudern
This stands for hour-long chatting (“plaudern” in German) with the Plouder app — since it’s so cheap, you never have to consider how long you have already been on the phone!

What does a call with Plouder cost?

Plouder calls are unbelievably cheap, and really invite you to “Ploudern” (plaudern: to chat in German)!

You can find the exact rates for each country on the page Rates & Countries. In our Android and iPhone apps, you can also immediately see during each call how long it has lasted and how much it cost.

You probably want to use Plouder always, and everywhere. We can understand this well, but we would have to disappoint you: Plouder was invented for the purpose of international calls. Domestic calls are never transmitted over Plouder. If you dial a domestic phone number (or to be more exact, if the country of the number you are calling is different from the country where your SIM card is from), then Plouder detects this and your call will automatically be routed normally, via your mobile phone contract.

Plouder is so popular because it is really breathtakingly cheap — and of course much cheaper compared to if you would be calling abroad with the big providers.

In addition, we calculate our rates very fairly by the minute, we charge no call initialization or call termination fees, and we have no hidden fees to swindle you out of your money.

In addition to Plouder fees, you theoretically have fees from your wireless provider as well: the part of your fees which you have to fork out in your contract with Swisscom or other providers in order to call landlines from your mobile phone, must also be paid for Plouder calls. Many contracts, however, include these calls for free.

How do I pay for the call fees?

Plouder is a prepaid service. That means that you must first charge your Plouder account with credit before you can use our service to save money.

You can charge your account via various methods:

  • with your credit card (Master or Visa)
  • with Google Wallet
  • via in app purchase

It of course depends on whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. You can find details under either Android app or iPhone app.

Can I use Plouder abroad?

Absolutely! We always want you to make calls at the lowest price possible, no matter where you are.

Two things are important in this context:

  • SIM card
    For Plouder to work, you must have a local SIM card from the country you are in. This is important, because without a SIM card, no calls can be transmitted over Plouder.
  • SMS upon SIM card change
    If you change your SIM card, then an initialization SMS is sent so that we can identify you correctly, and so that we can display your number to whomever you are calling. This SMS will be sent from the country in which you are currently located to Switzerland. This SMS is not free, and must be paid for through your wireless contract. Some SMSs are included free of charge in most contracts.


If you haven’t changed your SIM card, then Plouder detects that roaming must be activated. In this case, Plouder will not be active, and your call will be made through your mobile service provider with the rather expensive roaming rates. If you really want to save when you are abroad as well, then it really pays off to switch to a local SIM card!

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget your aunt in Jaipur either: You can tell her that she can use a normal SIM card together with Plouder, and then call you for hours with this unbelievably low price. If that doesn’t sound good, don’t tell your aunt this, but instead, tell your foreign girlfriend.

You can see our various Rates & Countries here.

How can I register?

That depends on your smartphone. You can always register directly with Plouder, in a totally conventional way. If your password collection is already bursting at the seams, then you can also register via an existing service.

For each smartphone type, you have the following options available:

  • conventional (personal login on Plouder)
  • with your Google account
  • conventional (personal login on Plouder)
  • with your Google account
  • with your Facebook account
Why does Plouder send an SMS during registration?

So that there is no confusion: we send one SMS during the registration process — just one. A bit of information about this:

You pay for the SMS through your contract with your mobile provider. The SMS will be sent from your location to Switzerland. Most contracts include some SMSs for free, and even if yours doesn’t have free SMSs, it will still only cost a few cents at the most.

We need the SMS so that we have the number of your smartphone, and so that we can correctly display it to the people who you will call.

For technical reasons, we send this SMS upon your first login, and also after your first login after changing your SIM card: basically, really very rarely.

Is my data secure?

We guard your data as if our lives depended on it. This is really, enormously important to us.

We adhere to Swiss telecommunications confidentiality regulations and applicable data privacy protections. It goes without saying that we do not give out any data to third parties.

You can find further information in our general terms and conditions, which can be found via the page legal disclaimer.

Does Plouder work with hidden phone numbers?

No. To provide our service in the quality we think is best, we need to know you, since we have to handle your charged amount for your calls and send your phone number to the people you’re calling to display them correctly. And for that we do need your phone number.

But who wants to hide his number anyway? We’re fans of transparency – we hope you too!

Do I need an Internet connection to use Plouder?

The short answer is: not for making calls.

If you look closer, it is a bit more complex.

You don’t need an Internet connection to conduct Plouder calls. The initiation of calls — from the time you dial a number until when the connection is established — is much quicker when you have an internet connection during this time period. But even in this case, your call will not be transmitted over the Internet, only the initialization is sped up.

There are moments, however, when you do need the web:

  • Account creation
    If you create your Plouder account with your Android or iPhone app, then you need to be connected to the Internet.
  • Changing your SIM card
    People don’t do this very often, but if you want to take advantage of the benefits of a low-cost Plouder call when you are abroad as well (we greatly encourage this, of course), then you must install a local SIM card from the country you are in. And for this change, you also need an Internet connection, so that we can identify you correctly with your initialization SMS, and so that we can display your number correctly to whomever you are calling.
    This SMS, which will be sent to Switzerland, must be paid by you via your wireless contract. Most contracts include a few SMSs for free.
  • Using services
    We’ve added some very convenient services in our app that need a bit of Internet access and otherwise just do not work, or otherwise only work once you have Internet access once more. These services include the call log with details of the number of minutes and the costs, our rate finder which you can use to find out which conditions we offer in which country, or for example charging credit to your account for your Android or iPhone app.
    You don’t really have to know all of this exactly, since the app will react appropriately and nothing can go wrong.
Does Plouder work with Dual SIM cell phones?

Yes. But you have to read on quickly, not that we produce a mess inside your phone: If you’re making a call with Plouder, then of course your SIM card must be in use, with which you’ve registered yourself for Plouder. Then only in this case your current phone number matches with the information that is saved in our chocolate driven high end server farm in Switzerland.

As you’ve perhaps already read, we do send for initialization purposes one SMS when you register for Plouder (once only) or when you switch your SIM card (most probably very rarely). This SMS is sent from whatever country you’re currently in to Switzerland. Make sure to have then exactly the SIM card activated, with which you wanna make your plouder calls afterwards.

Can I switch Plouder off?

Of course. Because the apps for Android and iPhone function differently, we will explain this separately:

We have built in an extra switch, with which you can turn the app on and off at any time.

One must say though, that turning the app off really makes no sense!

Unlike the Android app, you must make your calls from iPhone through the iPhone app directly. If you use the integrated call app in iPhone, the calls will never be routed by Plouder — unfortunately.

What happens if I no longer use Plouder?

Well, first of all, you will break our hearts. But ok, you can stop using Plouder. But if you just have a suggestion to improve the service, we are all ears!

You can delete the Android or iPhone app at any time.

If you forget to do this, we will recognize that you no longer use Plouder, one year after your last Plouder conversation. If your remaining balance is over 10 CHF, then we will contact you and refund your remaining credit— see our Terms and Conditions as well.

If your remaining balance is under CHF 10.- after 1 year of inactivity on Plouder, then you forfeit this balance.

For the purposes of the refund, make sure that you can still be contacted by at least one of the communication methods you gave us, even after 1 year.

How can I delete my Plouder account?

Nothing could be easier. You can fill out the form here, and we will take care of it right away.

We will immediately send you a copy of the form you completed. If you do not receive this copy, you should fill out the form again, or contact us via our contact page.

Oh yes, and the best part is: we will refund all of your unused balance, completely!

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