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Real Plouderers – the Originals, the Plouder Team

Tom Hofer
Tom HoferTelco Techie
Tom is the hub of the operation. He knows every single line of code in the server and created the heart of the Plouder service with his bare hands! Tom also founded Android Schweiz with Bachi and works as a project manager at insign.

You can reach Tom by Skype: or phone: +41 44 809 70 81.

Martin Bachmann
Martin BachmannAndroid Evangelist
Bachi knows our Apps like no one else. He created the architecture and despite his love of all things Android, he brought out the very best in our iPhone App. Before Plouder, he created Android Schweiz with Tom. And he is the CTO with Philipp at insign gmbh.
Philipp Sprecher
Philipp SprecherMarketing
While the techies are busy working behind the scenes, Philipp takes care of all visible elements and continues to optimize things wherever he can. He never runs out of ideas. It’s just a shame there are only 24 hours in a day. In addition to his work here, he is also the CEO of insign with Bachi.
Igor Schnyder
Igor SchnyderAttorney at law
Igor has been in the telco business for a long time and knows the legal ins and outs like the back of his hand. He is also good at producing readable texts (see our terms and conditions), as well as coming up with great ideas on how we can optimize our app. Additionally, he manages MARGIO GmbH and of course Attorneys.

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