Why whitelisting numbers?

Use your personal whitelist to route local calls within your country via Plouder. This can be useful when you have free minutes to the fixed network included in your providers plan, but none to mobile networks. Please use our rate finder to check the rates within your country.

For Android and iPhone

This feature is available to all Android and iPhone customers.

Some examples

Lets say you live in Switzerland. Switzerlands prefix is +41. In my providers tariff I need to pay too much money for calling my friends in another mobile networks within Switzerland. Therefore I add some numbers to the whitelist. See below how it works. You also can use patterns like we show below:

  • 4179 this pattern will route all numbers starting with 4179x via Plouder.
  • 4179171 this pattern will route all numbers starting with 4179171x via Plouder.
  • 41791234567 only this specific number (41791234567) will be routed via Plouder.

It’s all Greek to you? No worries, drop us a message using our contact form and we’ll help you instantly.