We’ve made Plouder just for you.
With Plouder you can

Make international calls
with breathtaking audio quality and
at unbeatable prices.
save money chatting with your faraway friends.

Why Plouder? That’s why.

Callee does not need an app

We made Plouder so comfy that the recipient of the call does not need an app at all. Just call everybody around the world
even if it’s a landline number. No limits. At any destination.

Mobile Quality

Similar services operate through the Internet. Not us. Plouder uses effective available transmission lines and provides you with the mobile quality you deserve for even the farthest of distances — as if you were just chatting with your neighbor. We do mobile calls.

Really Great Prices

Your current provider is having you pay too much for international calls. Always. Plouder allows you to make these same calls at a fraction of the price. Take a look with the Rate Finder on the app or on our Rates & Countries web page – Aruba for just a few cents? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Compelling arguments.

Calle does not need an app.
Perfect call quality.
Best prices.

We love our apps!

For Android and Apple.

Android App

Plouder is what it is for Android. Well, more importantly: Plouder was tailor-made for the Android. Plouder is so deeply integrated on the Android, you can make international calls – once the app has been initialized and started just once – easily from the dialer as you normally would.

And should the app crash, it will automatically restart when you make your next call. So you’ll never miss a chance to save.

Android App

iPhone App

The iPhone App is unbelievably gorgeous! And Plouder works perfectly on iOS, with the difference being that international numbers must be dialed on the dialpad included in the app. The iOS version also provides your entire address book for your convenience.

Both apps are available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading the app you can charge the Plouder service either with your credit card, Google Wallet or via the page My Plouder.

iPhone App